Top 5 Tips For Keeping Up Your Lawn in The Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter weather can be easy when you follow our top-5 tips. This guide will help you prevent lawn damage and death, setting your home up for a much healthier, low-maintenance yard come springtime. There are several different steps and methods that a lawn-owner can take to ensure their greens are ready for the cold temperatures. Here are a few:

  1. Plan Early: There are many preparations lawn-owners can implement ― as early as summer ― to ensure the best outcome for their lawn in the winter. Having a plan for how to deal with the upcoming frost will yield the best results!
  2. Aerating and Fertilizing: This method is recommended at the beginning of fall, or before the first freeze occurs in your area. The aeration will break up any compaction from the summer months and let the grass breathe before going dormant. The grassroots will also absorb the fertilizer and store the nutrients during the winter.
  3. Cool Weather Grass-Seed: Grabbing seeds that come from grasses better accustomed to cold climates will help a lawn look less dismal when winter takes its toll. The seeds can be easily spread during the aerating/fertilizing process in the fall to help ensure an even, the non-clumpy spread of grass later.
  4. Mowing Techniques: The way that a lawn is mowed will also help its fortitude. It is best to begin by slowly lowering mower settings as it gets colder as it will help prevent shocking the lawn and ensuring that it keeps healthy. Some lawn-owners begin as early the beginning of fall to adjust the lawn to the lowering temperatures.
  5. Keeping a Clean Front Yard: Making sure a front yard is well maintained in general will also benefit the lawn outside. Pathways with ice invite guests (i.e., animals) to walk across a lawn, so keeping them salted will help steer traffic away from puncturing the frozen grass with their heavy feet. A lawn strewn with leaves can easily cause mold and disease, so can grass that is left too long in winter. General upkeep is significant to the health of a lawn; even in the winter.

Being a lawn-owner can take a lot of planning and responsibility as far as keeping it healthy and well-groomed. Preparing and knowing what to do when it comes to the colder seasons is all a part of being a successful and proactive lawn-owner. We know that maintaining the exterior of a home can be a lot of work, therefore, seeking the opinion and help of a professional is typically the best option. Contact All Exteriors for all lawn, home repair, and update needs!