6 Reasons to Consider a Sunroom Installation

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a sunroom in your home? A sunroom is an excellent choice for any homeowner who wants to improve their home. Here are six reasons to consider a sunroom installation.

Increase Your Home’s Square Footage

From an investment perspective, adding a sunroom onto your home makes good sense because it increases your home’s square footage and adds to its value. A sunroom is finished enough to be able to report it in the total square footage, which looks good when you go to sell your home.

Add Livable Space

The value of a sunroom isn’t all in the numbers. It’s also a livable space that you’re sure to use every day. A sunroom makes a great breakfast room, entertainment room, playroom for the kids, or even just a sitting room.

Enjoy the Outdoors without Discomfort

How many times have you wanted to sit outside and enjoy your patio or your garden, but it’s too hot, too buggy, too windy, or too rainy? Or maybe you have allergies and can’t sit outside without the pollen getting to you. A sunroom isn’t quite the same as sitting outside, but you do get to enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors with none of the discomforts.

Add a View

In addition to getting to enjoy the positives of the great outdoors with none of the negatives, you also get to benefit from a beautiful view. Who needs walls and boring wall art when you could be looking at your beautiful garden, blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine instead?

Use Sunlight to Heat and a Breeze to Cool

Another one of the benefits of having a sunroom is being able to use the elements to maintain the temperature. Windows will let in the sun and help to heat the room in the winter, and screens will allow a breeze to flow through and cool the room in the summer. Think about what kind of a sunroom you wish to have, one with screens or windows, and whether you want to be able to use it year round.

Renovate Your Home Affordably

Finally, adding a sunroom is by far the most affordable way to add square footage and livable space to your home. Nowhere near as expensive as finishing your basement or adding an addition, installing a sunroom will add value without breaking the bank.

Professional Sunroom Installation

There are many reasons why you should install a sunroom, but once you make that decision, there’s only one place to go from there: All Exteriors LLC. Contact us today to find out how affordable it is to install a sunroom.

Featured image: Dave Head/Shutterstock