How To Prepare Old Windows For Winter

One of the best money-saving moves any homeowner can make when it comes to cutting costs in the winter time is to prepare all windows for the freezing temperatures to come. Sealing and weather-prepping your windows is a great way to cut heating costs as temperatures begin to drop. If a home is old, or the seals around the windows and interiors have not been updated/checked, contacting a professional is the first step to lowering the cost of bills. ― Many different methods can help prevent air leakage through windows.

While considering weathering windows, it is important to understand the external and internal methods for doing so to get a better idea of what treatment your windows may need. Caulking is the most well known and popular method for protecting windows from the outside. Any residue from previous caulk, dirt or grime is cleaned away and a new residue, usually made of sturdy but flexible material like silicone, is lined around the window’s perimeter instead.

When it comes to weather stripping, there are five popular methods to do so. Using a foam with an adhesive is a quick and temporary way to fix a draft in a window as it blocks any crack between the window and base when the window rests. Tubular gaskets are similar in the way that it blocks out air and keeps air in, except it is made from a tube that conforms to the shape of the window. V-Seals are also another great way to seal windows but may need some specified trimming and tools to fit it correctly for different window sizes. Felt is one of the oldest methods for protecting your windows. Attaching felt with an adhesive or finding adhesive felt can help pad any additional space between a window and the base for a quick fix.

With so many ways to protect a home from the onslaught of winter leaking in, it can be an easy and quick fix for professionals to help homeowners save on costs during the busiest season. Contacting a professional, experienced with not only sealing windows for winter but dealing with all interior and exterior home maintenance, ensures that your home is properly winterized for the oncoming cold. Contact the professionals at All Exteriors today to prepare your home today and save tomorrow.