How a Pergola Transforms Your Outdoor Space

The lure of spending time in outdoor living spaces on your property will grow with the addition of any pergola. A large enough pergola will provide an escape to fresh air, something we all can appreciate with the health concerns of the past few years. Help your health by getting outside. Ventilation helps clear out virus particles faster, so with good health practices being important, it’s a good idea to bring fresh air into your home and spend more quality time in a place like a pergola.

A professional pergola installer, All Exteriors can assure you that a pergola isn’t just good for being an open-air alternative to your indoor living space. It also creates a defined outdoor space and provides a shaded area for you and your guests. If designed well, it can also increase home value.

Here, we list the ways you benefit from having this relaxing outdoor structure in your backyard.

Enjoy an Outdoor Dining Space

A pergola provides a welcoming outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy meals over laidback conversation. But you don’t need to have guests over to dine in your backyard or have a barbeque.

If there’s one thing the pandemic reminded people of, it’s how relaxing it is to dine alfresco, especially in summer and spring. Ambiance aside, you get to enjoy the fresh air and natural ventilation. You also get to soak in more sunlight if you aren’t the type to go out and spend time in nature.

Build a Private Poolside Lounge

Can’t visit your favorite resort or go on vacation anytime soon? When you build the perfect pergola by your backyard swimming pool, you won’t mind lounging there all day long.

A pergola is an excellent upgrade from deck chairs and umbrellas that get blown away by strong winds. You can transform it into a poolside lounge where you can sunbathe and keep an eye on the kids while they swim. You can also set up a bar in this outdoor space.

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Cultivate a Thriving Garden

If you have a natural talent for growing plants—or even if you don’t but you still love gardening anyway—then a pergola is the perfect addition to your backyard. It effortlessly elevates the way your garden looks.

If you want a shaded outdoor space where you can take in the view of your garden, consider installing a pergola over a paved area in the backyard. Add some seats and a few potted plants; the pergola will blend naturally into its surroundings.

Upgrade Your Deck Design

If you already have a composite deck in your backyard or if you’re making some home improvements for a more open-style property, a pergola adds a refreshing place to grab shade in your outdoor living space.

A pergola adds visual texture to your deck. It provides a partial cover that lets you enjoy the view of the sky and take in your surroundings without any obstructions. Also, it provides sufficient space to serve as shelter from harsh sunlight when you don’t want to head inside.

Get Started on Your Pergola Project

Are you thinking of a garden pergola that accentuates your meticulous landscaping? Or are you leaning toward an operable pergola that will stand strong for decades? Whichever idea you have in mind, our home improvement experts can help.

With over two decades of remodeling installation under our belt, All Exteriors provides quality pergola installation in Wisconsin. Request more information today by filling out our online form.