How a Pergola Transforms Your Outdoor Space

The lure of spending time in outdoor living spaces on your property will grow with the addition of any pergola. A large enough pergola will provide an escape to fresh air, something we all can appreciate with the health concerns of the past few years. Help your health by getting outside. Ventilation helps clear out virus particles faster, so with good health practices being important, it’s a good idea to bring fresh air into your home and spend more quality time in a place like a pergola.

A professional pergola installer, All Exteriors can assure you that a pergola isn’t just good for being an open-air alternative to your indoor living space. It also creates a defined outdoor space and provides a shaded area for you and your guests. If designed well, it can also increase home value.

Here, we list the ways you benefit from having this relaxing outdoor structure in your backyard.

Enjoy an Outdoor Dining Space

A pergola provides a welcoming outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy meals over laidback conversation. But you don’t need to have guests over to dine in your backyard or have a barbeque.

If there’s one thing the pandemic reminded people of, it’s how relaxing it is to dine alfresco, especially in summer and spring. Ambiance aside, you get to enjoy the fresh air and natural ventilation. You also get to soak in more sunlight if you aren’t the type to go out and spend time in nature.

Build a Private Poolside Lounge

Can’t visit your favorite resort or go on vacation anytime soon? When you build the perfect pergola by your backyard swimming pool, you won’t mind lounging there all day long.

A pergola is an excellent upgrade from deck chairs and umbrellas that get blown away by strong winds. You can transform it into a poolside lounge where you can sunbathe and keep an eye on the kids while they swim. You can also set up a bar in this outdoor space.

All Exteriors Pergola


Cultivate a Thriving Garden

If you have a natural talent for growing plants—or even if you don’t but you still love gardening anyway—then a pergola is the perfect addition to your backyard. It effortlessly elevates the way your garden looks.

If you want a shaded outdoor space where you can take in the view of your garden, consider installing a pergola over a paved area in the backyard. Add some seats and a few potted plants; the pergola will blend naturally into its surroundings.

Upgrade Your Deck Design

If you already have a composite deck in your backyard or if you’re making some home improvements for a more open-style property, a pergola adds a refreshing place to grab shade in your outdoor living space.

A pergola adds visual texture to your deck. It provides a partial cover that lets you enjoy the view of the sky and take in your surroundings without any obstructions. Also, it provides sufficient space to serve as shelter from harsh sunlight when you don’t want to head inside.

Get Started on Your Pergola Project

Are you thinking of a garden pergola that accentuates your meticulous landscaping? Or are you leaning toward an operable pergola that will stand strong for decades? Whichever idea you have in mind, our home improvement experts can help.

With over two decades of remodeling installation under our belt, All Exteriors provides quality pergola installation in Wisconsin. Request more information today by filling out our online form.

The Best Fences for Wisconsin Winters

Wisconsin winters can be harsh, with temperatures dropping to -40°F in the coldest days of January. Temperatures as low as this cause some fences to crack or break. Sagging and warping may also occur when ice and snow begin to accumulate.

If fence installation costs $12 to $50 per linear foot and the average yard perimeter of American homes is 150 linear feet, that’s $3,300 wasted from not installing a winter-ready fence.

Avoid significant damage, and make the most of your investment by installing fences that can survive the harshest Wisconsin winters.

What Fence Material Is Suitable for Cold Climates?

Right off the bat, metal fences are the best choice for homes in cold regions. They are water-resistant, which means they are less susceptible to moisture-based swelling and shrinking. Homeowners don’t have to worry even if temperatures fluctuate between days and nights.

Apart from metal, other materials perform just as well in winter. Here are some of the best fencing options to consider if your home is located in colder regions:

Ornamental Aluminum Fences

For a light yet highly durable option, choose aluminum fencing. Like steel, they do not absorb water and will not expand or contract in extremely low temperatures. They are more affordable and are relatively easier to install than steel fences. Just be sure to choose high-quality material as poorly made aluminum fences easily bend and get dented.

Chain Link Fences

If aesthetics is not a priority, chain link fences are an excellent option for homeowners on a tight budget. Known as the “hurricane fence”, they are highly durable and can withstand strong winds and brutal weather conditions. Plus, these fences require little maintenance.

PVC Fences

While other materials rot or decay when exposed to water, PVC fences do not. Clean and classy, they are sturdy and hold extremely well when exposed to cold climates and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Likewise, these fences require minimal maintenance. Homeowners don’t have to worry about repainting or restaining as they are less prone to peeling, fading, and chipping.

Choose a Fence that Lasts Through Several Winters

Protect your property from snowdrifts and harsh winds with superior-quality fencing options from All Exteriors. Whether you’re looking for maintenance-free vinyl fences or lightweight and affordable aluminum fencing, we have the right privacy fence to suit your needs.

With our custom fencing solutions, you can increase your home’s security while enhancing curb appeal. Our team of seasoned contractors will survey your property and take precise measurements to ensure that the installation is done right.

Get the most out of your investment by choosing fences that can survive the harshest Wisconsin weather. Reach out to All Exteriors today to get an estimate.


Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home

Are you thinking of constructing a fence on your property? A fence can be a significant investment, so it’s essential that you choose the right type for your needs.

At All Exteriors LLC, we’ve helped homeowners choose and install their ideal fences for over 20 years, and one thing we’ve learned is that purpose is key. A fence’s purpose plays a considerable role in the material and style you have to choose from.

To ensure you cover all your bases, make a list of all the things you need your new wall to do. Not sure where to start? Here are five factors to consider when it comes to fencing installation.

1. Security

Many people install walls to keep out animals or potential criminals. If this is your primary reason, you’ll need a strong wall material. Hardwood and durable metals are great options, but you want to stay away from glass. Make sure your gate is also tamper-proof; as the entrance, it’s a weak point that can defeat the purpose of an imposing wall if the lock, gate or frame can be easily broken.

A security fence should be tall to discourage climbing. You’ll also want to avoid horizontal supports, space between slats, or anything else that can be used as handholds for ease of climbing.

2. Pets

If you have pets that enjoy the outdoors, fences are a great way to keep them safe and on your property. However, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Do your pets dig?
  • Do they jump?
  • How big are they?

Dogs that are prone to tunneling can be thwarted by hardscaping or installing several inches of fence underground. You can combat jumping by building a wall taller than your pets’ maximum jump height. Finally, larger dogs generally require taller fencing, as they have greater physical capabilities.

On the other hand, maybe your escape isn’t the problem — it’s the barking. Many dogs have the natural instinct to protect their territory, which means they bark at anything and anyone who comes close, even if there’s no actual danger. A solid fence may solve this problem, as your dogs won’t be able to see the street and sidewalk beyond.

3. Gardens

Individuals who live in more rural areas know that critters love to ransack gardens — and they’re incredibly resourceful when it comes to getting around obstacles. Deer are some of the worst offenders, as they can clear nearly eight feet with ease.

The solution is to either go wide or tall. If you pair an average-height fence with hedges or another shrubbery, a deer won’t be able to clear the entire distance. You can also opt for added height, solid material or netting to keep out hungry trespassers.

4. Privacy

If you live in a densely populated area, a privacy fence can be a true asset. Compared to walls meant for security, you have a few more options when it comes to style and material:

  • Spaced wood
  • Vinyl
  • Closely spaced lattice

With a privacy fence in place, you can feel comfortable using your yard without worrying about nosy neighbors.

5. Pools

Many municipalities compel homeowners to fence in pools for safety reasons. Before you start the installation, you should find out the legal requirements:

  • What materials can you use?
  • How closely must the slats be placed?
  • Are there any gate and lock requirements?
  • How tall must the fence be?

Whether you need fencing repair or are looking to add a wall to your property, All Exteriors LLC is here to help. Our experts can help you sift through the many options to find the perfect material and style. For more information or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (715) 781-1696 or contact us online.

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5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas in New Richmond

Are you taking advantage of your backyard? Outdoor areas present a unique opportunity to create versatile spaces; the same quiet corner where you indulge in a good book can accommodate guests and lively conversation.

Most importantly, your backyard can reflect your personality and fulfill your specific needs. The right landscaping can transform your property from boring to truly luxurious. Here at All Exteriors LLC in New Richmond, we believe everyone should enjoy a yard designed for all occasions. Not sure which elements suit your style? Take a look at these five landscape design ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Artful Vine-Covered Pergola

If your dream landscaping includes winding, draping vines, you should consider a vine-covered pergola. This innovative design takes advantage of vertical space that often goes unused. The result is lush shade reminiscent of hanging gardens.

When creating this fixture, it’s essential that you give careful thought to the type of pergola you want, as the vine arrangement depends on the pergola structure. If you don’t mind an open-roof option, you can have vines hanging directly over a seating space, creating a dappled effect.

2. Outdoor Deck Dining Service

When the weather’s nice, why limit your cooking to the kitchen? With a custom deck, you can have everything you need to create a delicious dinner right in your backyard.

A sturdy wood or concrete deck should support a grill, allowing you to serve piping-hot burgers and hot dogs to family or guests. You can even have a small cooler or mini-fridge nearby to keep drinks icy cold.

Decks are also ideal for dining, as you can easily place furniture without fear of uneven terrain. With accessible outdoor cooking, you may be tempted to spend every weekend in your backyard.

3. Protected Patio

One of the best investments you can make in your patio is to get a cover. Not only does a cover provide shade to loungers, but it also protects your furniture from the elements. It can be a pain to dry out cushions after every storm; a cover can prevent them from getting soaked in the first place. You can also save fabrics from fading due to sun exposure.

There are many different designs to choose from, including:

  • Patio covers can also add to your house’s décor.
  • Thomas
  • Sunlight pavilions
  • Santa Fe

4. Private Garden Pergola

Many backyard landscaping ideas are based on the assumption that you plan to host parties or regularly have guests. But what if you just want a quiet space for relaxation?

You can use pergolas to divide yard space and create a private patio area. Vines and shrubbery can act as dividers without making space feel cut-off from the rest of the yard. To visually reinforce the separation, you can have a patio installed as well.

5. High Deck for Elite Entertainment

There’s more than one way to make use of vertical space. If you have a smaller backyard, you can make the most of it with a raised, tiered deck.

The tiers allow you to clearly define different areas without erecting walls or interfering with the design flow. For example, you can have a dining area on the lower tier and lounge furniture on the higher.

Raised decks are especially great for yards with a view. If you have mountains, forests or other gorgeous landscapes within sight, you can get an even better vantage point with a little height.

Contact All Exteriors LLC Today! Your backyard has so much to offer and the experts at All Exteriors LLC can help you take full advantage of it. Whether you’re interested in adding a pergola or building a sunroom, we’re happy to assist. For more information on our services, give us a call at 715-781-1696 or contact us online.

5 Ways to Use Your Under Deck Patio

If you have a raised deck, chances are there’s an empty space under it waiting to be used. Using this space can maximize your backyard space, letting you get the most out of the land you have. Since the area is sheltered by the deck, there are plenty of potential uses. Whether you want to create storage space or use the area for social gatherings, under deck patios give you the opportunity to be creative in how you use your outdoor space.

1. Under Deck Storage

This is a great solution for homes that lack enough storage space. If you are a family of camping or outdoor enthusiasts, you likely have a lot of equipment cluttering up your home or garage. Moving those items to the under deck area can free up a lot of space in your home. To make it adequate storage space, you’ll need to make it more secure and protected against the elements. Installing a shed or adding walls to keep out rain and damaging sunlight will help keep your items safe.

2. Create a Screened-In Porch

Climates with mild weather can benefit from a screened porch, which gives you a place to relax with the breeze and the freshness of the outdoors while keeping pests out. With a screened porch, you can choose a mesh fineness and metal type for the screens. A finer mesh will keep out smaller bugs, so you can select one depending on the size of bugs you expect to find in your backyard. The best thing about a screened porch is letting the sunlight and fragrant air come in while remaining sheltered from the elements.

3. Add a Playground

The under deck area is ideal for a child’s play area. Even if there’s not enough space for adults to stand or sit comfortably, a children’s play area may fit perfectly into the space. Your children and their visitors will love crawling through tunnels or playing house within the area. For extra safety and more visibility, add lighting so you can keep an eye on them. It’ll also be helpful to see clearly into the under deck area at night, for home safety and security reasons.

4. Under Deck Oasis System

An under deck drainage system will collect rainwater in the space below your deck, and above the ceiling of the under deck area. It then directs the rainwater into a gutter, preventing it from soaking into the ceiling below. The system is designed with sloped metal panels that lead into the rain gutter. The Under Deck Oasis helps you make better use of the area below your deck, preserving it so you can use it to entertain without having unsightly water stains or drips from above.

5. Set Up a Grill and Seating

Grilling doesn’t just have to be for summer and parties. Channel your passion for cooking into an outdoor cooking space perfect for warm weather. The most common features found in outdoor kitchen areas are:

  • Counter space
  • Grill
  • Sink

These three appliances will give you the space you need to create delicious meals for your family, from kebabs to burgers. Add seating to take the meal outdoors completely.

These under deck patio ideas are only some of your options for designing a feature that will benefit your family and make the most of your backyard space. Under deck patio areas let you get creative, so design something that reflects your family’s lifestyle. All Exteriors LLC can help you make those ideas a reality, contact us today to get started.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Kristi Blokhin