Under Deck Ceiling Systems: Four Great Benefits

The value of a typical home has risen to an average of $1 million in over 500 cities across the US. Zillow’s analysis revealed that cities in Texas, Wisconsin, and Colorado have joined New York City and San Francisco in the list of areas in the million-dollar home range. This is primarily because of last year’s housing demand.

As one of the top under deck contractors in Wisconsin, All Exteriors has seen a surge in demand for residential properties and how those homeowners who intend to sell are looking for ways to add more value to their houses. In the process, many of them have considered an under deck ceiling system, because of the many benefits that can bump up a home’s value.

What Benefits Do You Get from a Good Under Deck Ceiling System?


Makes the under deck patio into an attractive outdoor living space

Turn your outdoor patio into an extra space for relaxation, small parties, and even remote work by having an under deck ceiling system installed.

An under deck ceiling covers unsightly exposed beams, making it easier to install lighting for the space beneath. Also, since the under deck ceiling protects the space beneath from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight, you can furnish and decorate it with comfortable seating and potted plants, or even transform it into an outdoor dining nook, a lounge area, or a home office.

Makes the area safer

Birds, squirrels, and other small wildlife may make their homes in the exposed beams and underside of a deck. Additionally, the exposure of the material to the open air typically speeds up corrosion or wear.

But by covering the bottom of the upper deck with an under deck ceiling, the space becomes safer and less likely to wear because of the elements. It also makes the area look better. An attractive patio space can help add value to your home.

In addition, adding a professionally installed under deck can strengthen the deck, providing more support and making it more stable. This helps ensure the safety of anyone on top of the deck or beneath it.

Less maintenance

Having a well-made under decking system will ensure that you have minimal maintenance to do to keep it looking good. Cleaning the ceiling panels is a lot easier than cleaning off cobwebs, bird nests, and beehives from beams.

Moreover, some under decking systems only require taking down the panel and hosing the boards down for easy cleaning.

More options for enhanced appearance

Appearance holds plenty of weight in a property’s value. Curb appeal matters to potential buyers, so it’s crucial to provide exteriors that impress. Adding a high-quality under deck ceiling to match the rest of your home’s theme and existing decor will improve its visual appeal.

Under deck ceiling systems come in a wide range of materials, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. A reliable contractor can provide you with multiple options and the right recommendations to match your home’s aesthetics.


Maximize the Benefits by Hiring Professionals

To maximize all the benefits that come from a great under deck ceiling system, it’s crucial that you hire a professional, experienced contractor. Veteran home improvement specialists will go beyond just installing the under deck ceiling for you. They will also recommend types of under deck systems that can add the most value to your property.

All Exteriors is a leading home improvement company in Wisconsin, providing quality under deck ceiling options to homeowners and contractors. We offer under deck ceilings with built-in drainage systems that channel rainwater away, keeping the space underneath dry.

Contact us today for a consultation or read more about what other services we offer that can increase the value of your home.