The Best Gutter Guards for Your Midwest Home

If you live in the Midwest, have you ever wondered what is the best gutter guard to use? With heavily treed neighborhoods, lots of precipitation, and extreme weather, you need something that’s going to hold up to the demands of the changing seasons.

Midwest Weather: What Your Gutter Guards Have to Stand Up To

Midwest weather is nothing to sneeze at. From spring to early fall, the region gets a lot of rain. The Midwest can get as much as four inches of rain a month — or more, during wetter years, such as 2017. For instance, 2017 was Wisconsin’s eighth wettest year in recorded history, according to NOAA’s National Climate Report for 2017. This means not only a lot of rainfall but also a high potential for gutter clogs from leaves and debris.

Winters in the Midwest can also see a lot of precipitation, often in the form of heavy snows. For example, Minnesota sees an average of 36 inches of snow each year in the southern part of the state, but the northeastern part of the state, near Lake Superior, nearly doubles that with an average of 70 inches a year.

With these kinds of weather conditions, it’s important to have a gutter system that will do its job when you’re counting on it most.

The Best Gutter Guards: How K-Guard Holds Up

Want a gutter system that will hold up better than the competition? Check out K-Guard seamless gutters.

  • Covered: K-Guard offers the best gutter guards on the market because they aren’t just add-on guards — they’re a whole system that’s designed to work together. The hood design allows leaves to wash away while letting the water in for proper drainage.
  • Strong: K-Guard gutters can support 35 pounds per foot, or 70 pounds per hanger, enabling them to stand up under heavy winter snows.
  • Durable: K-Guard gutters are made of strong aluminum and are coated in maintenance-free paint for a durable, long-lasting gutter system.
  • Functional: With a mounting style that doesn’t harm the roof or void the warranty and a design that puts your gutters right where they’re needed, K-Guard gutters really do their job. K- Guard gutters are maintenance-free, clog-free and guaranteed to work.
  • Beautiful: K-Guard gutters don’t just work well, they look good too. With more than 40 colors and a unique, streamlined look that is designed to complement your home’s trim, you’ll love how K-Guard enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Be Prepared for Midwest Weather

Don’t let your old gutters fall down on the job. Midwest weather calls for redesigned gutters that will hold up to the demands placed on them — literally! Contact All Exteriors LLC today to purchase the best gutter guards for your Midwest home.