4 Benefits of Installing Siding on Your Home in the Winter

The winter season may seem like the last time of year that you would want to work on your home, but there are several advantages to scheduling a home siding installation this time of year. Here are a few benefits of installing siding on your midwest home in the winter:

Easier to schedule with the installers

The first benefit of having your siding done in the winter is how much easier it is to schedule. Summer is a siding company’s busiest season, but since most people don’t schedule in the winter, you’ll have shorter waiting periods and your pick of dates. – No landscaping to work around. Another advantage to having your home siding replaced in the winter is that there isn’t any landscaping for the installers to work around. They won’t have to trim anything back, making their job faster and easier, and then you can enjoy your landscaping untouched when the warmer months roll around again.

Less pesky wildlife to work around

If your siding has been in need of replacement for a while, you might have holes and crevices that have opened up in the siding or in the soffit and fascia, which small animals such as squirrels and mice have taken advantage of. Replacing the siding during the winter, while the animals aren’t about, will give you the opportunity to get rid of their nests without having to call in an exterminator.

Reap the benefits of new siding right away

New siding, when installed correctly, can help to insulate your home from extreme winter weather and prevent heat loss. The result is more economical heating of your home and an immediate reduction in your utility bill. You might experience a couple of cold days in the house while the work is done, but once it’s complete, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits right away.

Improve curb appeal before the warmer months

Start the spring and summer out on the right foot by improving your home’s curb appeal now. Whether you install vinyl siding, EDCO Steel Siding, or LP Smartside Siding, the result is a much cleaner, more attractive look. Don’t forget to update your gutters while you’re at it! Doing this now is especially helpful if you’re planning on selling your home in the spring and want it looking its best.

Replacing your siding and gutters is advantageous no matter what time of year you do the work, but scheduling in the winter months gives you more flexibility and an immediate return that you won’t have if you wait until the weather warms up. Contact All Exteriors LLC today to schedule an installation of your new home siding, and cross that job off your to-do list sooner rather than later.

Featured image: Bonita R. Cheshier/Shutterstock