Backyard Features that Will Get You Excited to Enjoy Warmer Weather in the Midwest

Spring is one of the best seasons in the Midwest. According to USAToday, the mild temperatures of spring, ranging from 50 to 70 degrees, make for a nice intermission between the cold winter we just had and the hot, humid weather to come. Looking for backyard ideas to get you excited for spring? This is the perfect time of year to get outside, enjoy your backyard, and entertain a little, while temperatures are warm but mild.

Not everyone’s yard is as private, beautiful, or entertainment-ready as they would like. However, if your backyard needs a little work to become the outdoor haven of your dreams, here are a few backyard features that will get you excited to enjoy warmer weather in the Midwest.

Covered Lounge Area

At a minimum, you should have a place in your backyard to sit, relax, and socialize, but this space will be the most useful if it’s covered and protected from the elements. For a classy, high end look, contact a professional for patio installation in New Richmond, WI.

Outdoor Dining Area

A well-designed backyard should also give you an opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather, with an outdoor dining area for your next dinner party. A professional can help you with deck installation in New Richmond to make your next outdoor dinner party a success.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re going to serve food outside, it helps to have an outdoor kitchen, too. These can range from a grill and some food prep space, to more elaborate setups with sinks, wine fridges, and all the other kitchen appliances that you have inside.


Pergolas range from classic structures to ones that appeal to more modern tastes. Whether you’re envisioning your own secret garden, where you can read and relax, or a space you can use to entertain, a pergola is an excellent way to visually define the outdoor living spaces in your backyard.


Whether it’s a fountain, a pond, or a swimming pool, including water will transform your backyard from a haven into a miniature resort. The ambiance of running water and the luxury of a pool will make your parties unforgettable. Just make sure if you install a pool, you also talk to a professional about fence installation to keep your family and your guests safe.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

With the spring equinox already behind us and the weather rapidly warming, there’s no time to lose if you want to make improvements to your backyard that you can enjoy this year. Whether you’re envisioning a private haven or you just have some backyard patio ideas for entertaining, contact All Exteriors LLC today and we’ll help you bring your ideas to life.

Featured image: Hannamariah/Shutterstock