Why You Should Build a Sunroom Over the Winter

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is a mood disorder associated with reduced sunlight exposure during the winter.

Research shows that about 5% of adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with SAD. Similar to major depression, SAD’s symptoms include loss of energy, decreased interest in hobbies, and changes in appetite.

Spending time in a sunroom during winter may help combat seasonal depression. These spaces feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows that let natural light into the room.

If you don’t have a sunroom yet, consider building one during the winter months. All Exteriors talks about the benefits of sunrooms and why winter is the best time to invest in this home improvement project.

What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom, or a solarium, is an enclosed living space will many large windows and, sometimes, a roof made of glass. It can have many different purposes, including:

  • Pet Room: A sunroom can double as a safe and comfy area for pets to run around in, sleep, and play with their owners.
  • Greenhouse: Sunrooms receive plenty of sunlight and limited shade, making them suitable for growing herbs and vegetables any time of the year—even in winter.
  • Leisure Room: Whether for lounging after a long day or spending time with friends, a sunroom enables you to relax while enjoying the scenery.

Why Build a Sunroom in Winter?

Home construction services such as sunroom remodeling are in particularly low demand during winter. As a result, contractors offer lower pricing to attract potential clients.

Hiring a contractor over the winter when business is slower means they can focus more on your home improvement project. Likewise, they’ll have ample time for the planning and construction phases, resulting in better outcomes.


What are the Benefits of a Sunroom?

Whether you’re building a brand-new solarium or converting an unused space into a sunroom, you can expect the following benefits:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Save on electricity bills by using your sunroom as a family room or main living space. With enough natural light, you can save on artificial lighting expenses.

Increased Home Value

A 2013 report by Hanley Wood Remodeling reveals that U.S. homeowners regain an average of 47% on sunrooms costing about $73,000. Resale value can reach up to $34,000.

Improved Mood

Sunrooms enable you to get enough sunlight while staying indoors during the cold seasons. Research reveals that healthy exposure to sunlight promotes serotonin production – a chemical that enhances mood. It also helps make a person feel calm and focused.

Helps Combat Cabin Fever

Staying indoors for too long in the winter can lead to cabin fever—restlessness, unhappiness, and general discomfort. Meanwhile, a study published in Environmental Science & Technology found that moving into greener living spaces, such as sunrooms, helps improve these symptoms.

Doing so enhances an individual’s mental wellness, with effects lasting for up to three years following the move.

A Sunroom Built Just for You

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