5 Ways to Use Your Under Deck Patio

If you have a raised deck, chances are there’s an empty space under it waiting to be used. Using this space can maximize your backyard space, letting you get the most out of the land you have. Since the area is sheltered by the deck, there are plenty of potential uses. Whether you want to create storage space or use the area for social gatherings, under deck patios give you the opportunity to be creative in how you use your outdoor space.

1. Under Deck Storage

This is a great solution for homes that lack enough storage space. If you are a family of camping or outdoor enthusiasts, you likely have a lot of equipment cluttering up your home or garage. Moving those items to the under deck area can free up a lot of space in your home. To make it adequate storage space, you’ll need to make it more secure and protected against the elements. Installing a shed or adding walls to keep out rain and damaging sunlight will help keep your items safe.

2. Create a Screened-In Porch

Climates with mild weather can benefit from a screened porch, which gives you a place to relax with the breeze and the freshness of the outdoors while keeping pests out. With a screened porch, you can choose a mesh fineness and metal type for the screens. A finer mesh will keep out smaller bugs, so you can select one depending on the size of bugs you expect to find in your backyard. The best thing about a screened porch is letting the sunlight and fragrant air come in while remaining sheltered from the elements.

3. Add a Playground

The under deck area is ideal for a child’s play area. Even if there’s not enough space for adults to stand or sit comfortably, a children’s play area may fit perfectly into the space. Your children and their visitors will love crawling through tunnels or playing house within the area. For extra safety and more visibility, add lighting so you can keep an eye on them. It’ll also be helpful to see clearly into the under deck area at night, for home safety and security reasons.

4. Under Deck Oasis System

An under deck drainage system will collect rainwater in the space below your deck, and above the ceiling of the under deck area. It then directs the rainwater into a gutter, preventing it from soaking into the ceiling below. The system is designed with sloped metal panels that lead into the rain gutter. The Under Deck Oasis helps you make better use of the area below your deck, preserving it so you can use it to entertain without having unsightly water stains or drips from above.

5. Set Up a Grill and Seating

Grilling doesn’t just have to be for summer and parties. Channel your passion for cooking into an outdoor cooking space perfect for warm weather. The most common features found in outdoor kitchen areas are:

  • Counter space
  • Grill
  • Sink

These three appliances will give you the space you need to create delicious meals for your family, from kebabs to burgers. Add seating to take the meal outdoors completely.

These under deck patio ideas are only some of your options for designing a feature that will benefit your family and make the most of your backyard space. Under deck patio areas let you get creative, so design something that reflects your family’s lifestyle. All Exteriors LLC can help you make those ideas a reality, contact us today to get started.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Kristi Blokhin